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/* SCCS @(#)rundown.c   1.5 06/03/01 */
** Run an observation down the tree, and return the prediction error,
**    for several CP values at once.
#include <stdio.h>
#include "rpart.h"
#include "node.h"
#include "rpartproto.h"

void rundown(struct node *tree,  int obs,     double *cp, 
           double *xpred,      double *xtemp)
    int i;
    struct node *otree;

    ** Now, repeat the following: for the cp of interest, run down the tree
    **   until I find a node with smaller complexity.  The parent node will
    **   not have collapsed, but this split will have, so this is my
    **   predictor.
    otree = tree;
    for (i=0; i<rp.num_unique_cp; i++) {
      while ( cp[i] < tree->complexity) {
          tree = branch(tree, obs);
          if (tree ==0) goto oops;
          otree = tree;
      xpred[i] =  tree->response_est[0];
      xtemp[i] = (*rp_error)(rp.ydata[obs], tree->response_est);


    if (rp.usesurrogate <2) { /*must have hit a missing value */
      for (; i<rp.num_unique_cp; i++)
          xpred[i] =  otree->response_est[0];
          xtemp[i] = (*rp_error)(rp.ydata[obs], otree->response_est);
    ** I never really expect to get to this code.  It can only happen if
    **  the last cp on my list is smaller than the terminal cp of the
    **  xval tree just built.  This is impossible (I think).  But just in
    **  case I put a message here.
    REprintf("Warning message--see rundown.c\n");

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