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/* SCCS @(#)make_cp_table.c   1.2 02/08/98 */
** Given a cptable list already initialized with the unique cp's in it,
**  fill in the columns for risk and number of splits.
** The basic logic is : for each terminal node on the tree, start myself
**  down at the bottom of the list of complexity parameters.  For each
**  unique C.P. until my parent collapses, the node I'm in adds into that
**  line of the CP table.  So walk up the CP list, adding in, until my
**  parent would collapse; then report my position in the cp list to the
**  parent and quit.
**  parent: complexity of the parent node
#include "rpart.h"
#include "node.h"
#include "rpartproto.h"

struct cptable *make_cp_table(struct node *me, double parent, int nsplit)
    struct cptable *cplist;

    if (me->leftson) {  /* if there are splits below */
      ** The 2 lines below are perhaps devious
      **  1) Since the return value depends on ones parent, both calls will
      **       return the same thing.
      **  2) I send 0 to the left to keep the current split (me) from
      **       being counted twice, once by each child.
      make_cp_table(me->leftson, me->complexity, 0);
      cplist = make_cp_table(me->rightson, me->complexity, nsplit+1);
    else cplist = cptable_tail;

    while (cplist->cp < parent) {
      cplist->risk += me->risk;
      cplist->nsplit += nsplit;
      cplist = cplist->back;


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