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/* SCCS @(#)rpartS.h    1.6 02/24/00 */
**   The S.h file defines a few things that I need, and hundreds that I don't.
** In particular, on some architectures, it defines a variable "time"
** which of course conflicts with lots of my C-code, 'time' being a natural
** variable name for survival models and thus used in the poisson routines.
**   Thanks to Brian Ripley for suggesting a machine independent way of
** fixing this.
** The S_alloc function changed it's argument list from version 4 to 5, and
**   the ALLOC macro allows me to have common C code for the two versions,
**   with only this file "survS.h" changed.
#define time timexxx
#include "R.h"
#undef time
#undef error

** Memory defined with S_alloc is removed automatically
**  That with "CALLOC" I have to remove myself.  Use the
**  latter for objects that need to persist between the 
**  s_to_rp1 and s_to_rp2 calls

#define ALLOC(a,b)  S_alloc(a,b)
#define CALLOC(a,b) R_chk_calloc((size_t)(a), b)

#ifndef FLOAT
#define FLOAT double    /* see rpart.h */

#ifndef Sint
#define Sint int

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